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Flower Farm Nursery and Gifts

Flower Farm Nursery and Gifts is a place for the young and young at heart to experience peace, relaxation and the joy of nature. Our nursery and gift selections along with workshops and events will nourish heart and soul. Come out and enjoy time with family and friends to experience all that Flower Farm has to offer.

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Candle Making Nov 22

Candle Making 11/22/2020​ This Workshop Can Only Take Place If There Are At Least 10 Participants Create candles and socialize safely under the pergola in the nursery. Our workshops have been a

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Holiday Wreath Making Nov 29

Holiday Wreaths Enjoy Mimosas and create your own holiday wreath with fresh greens, berries, eucalyptus and more under the pergola at The Flower Farm Nursery and Gift Shop – Socialize

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Welcome to Flower Farm Nursery and Gifts!

Our vision is to create a gathering place for all who visit the Flower Farm by offering a place to create, learn, grow, and celebrate life.

We want everyone, from the young to the young at heart to enjoy our nursery, or gift shop, our peaceful garden, and all of our workshops throughout the year to help you create those special moments in your life.


Our nursery will host a variety of specialty items that will help accentuate your home, garden, and landscaping.  We will have a large selection of scented geraniums, succulents, house plants, potted and specialty flowers and plants, seasonal vegetable starters, herbs, and microgreens.

Our selections will be seasonal, so stop by often to see our latest additions. You will also see a variety of yard art and even artisan crated bird houses throughout the nursery.

Gift Shop

Our gift shop specializes in local artisan crafted products. We also carry one of a kind items and products with meaningful and sentimental themes to help make your home special, or to create that special gift.

Our gifts and decorations are seasonal, so please check out the latest when you visit the Flower Farm.